Complete Eye Exams

Complete Eye Exams

Your San Diego Newport Avenue Optometry eye exam includes some of the nation’s most technologically advanced equipment. It pinpoints your prescription, diagnoses and track the health of your eyes, and measures your eyes for precise fitting.  You’ll experience some or all of this equipment during your exam.

Topcon Retinal Scanner

The Topcon ophthalmic digital camera captures detailed images of your eye’s blood vessels, lens, and cornea. This not only presents a visual picture of your eye’s overall health, but spots potential problems with your blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes. 
The office stores your retinal photos in your digital records. When you return for your next visit, the staff compares your new photos with the old, revealing any changes that could signal potential problems.

High-Definition Videos

Unfamiliar with medical jargon? The exam room’s high-definition display walks you through a visual description of your eye’s health, demonstrating exactly what you need to know.

You’ll learn how different types of contact lenses fit your eyes in different ways, as well as see animations of why different parts of your eyes behave.

You see the display in action on Newport Avenue Optometry’s video.

Topcon Cornea Topographer

The Topcon KR-8000PA SUPRA Auto Refractor / Keratometer / Topographer creates a three-dimensional map of your cornea. The detailed map helps the staff fit your contact lenses as accurately as possible. It can also diagnose cornea problems including early phase detection of subclinical keratoconus.

Or, if you’re already being treated for keratoconus, the doctors can provide you with both a pre- and post-operative evaluation.