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For 50 years, Newport Avenue Optometry has served Ocean Beach and surrounding San Diego communities. Our office lives up to our motto of "Quality care, every patient, every time." 
Newport Avenue Optometry utilizes state-of-the-art optometry equipment that will pinpoint your prescription, diagnose the health of your eyes, and measure your eyes for a precise fitting. Our qualified and caring staff will also help you choose from our diverse variety of quality frames and contact lenses. Please call (619) 222-0559 to book your appointment, or you may use the button below to book online.

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Why you should laugh every day.

Lillie Shockney has a coffee mug on her desk that she looks at every day featuring a cartoon drawing of Noah's Ark. The ark, which is way out in the ocean, depicts a bunch of animals on deck staring back at the shore with perplexed looks on their faces. Back on shore are two purple characters that resemble an odd–shaped Barney–like character with worried looks on their faces. The caption reads: "Oh crap, was that today?"


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